Agenda is part of a successful, young and creative design led sales and production group based in the UK and Hong Kong.

Agenda is committed to providing high quality, design-lead products that are also practical, durable and functional. With over 10 years experience working closely with Hong Kong based manufacturers, independent testing companies, AŠID (Anti-Copying in Design) & the Patent Office we know that we can deliver.

Our sales and design teams work closely with major brand names and retailers throughout Europe providing bespoke and standard ranges of lifestyle bags and holdalls. rolex replica submariner Agenda is able to design and deliver any style of bag from a ripstop wallet or CD case to a Technical rucksack or funky ladies handbag.

Agenda can design/produce and source tailor made quality merchandise for any market.

Agenda can produce large volumes at extremely cost effective margins for its customers.

Agenda can label, pack, and bar code merchandise to the customers specifications and deliver to central or multiple delivery points. To achieve the top quality standards that Agenda knows that the customer requires, we carry out many vigorous checks, tests and procedures on all of our products. From original design to eventual production there are many points that have to be satisfied to ensure the product is of the highest retail/supply quality.

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