Our experienced and knowledgeable team of designers and engineers, who are based both in Hong Kong and Europe, have spent many years helping a variety of recognised high street brands and 'underground' labels throughout the globe. We have played a part in their success by providing cutting-edge, design-lead products for them and their consumers. Our designs are well thought through, practical and functional to fit the purpose.

We have close relationships with many manufacturers around the globe. This enables use to carefully choose the correct fabrics, components and parts to ensure that each specific product is made to the highest standard. For example, we only use high-quality, recognised branded fittings for ALL of our products.

We continually invest in research to provide us with knowledge of the latest production methods, newest materials and fabrics, todays and tomorrows fashion trends and the latest in design production.

Agenda Brands can offer enormous flexibility. Our clients can have their ideas and products tailor made to their specifications. Agenda can provide products that are functional and reliable and enjoyed by our clients target market.

Agenda can provide the client with thousands of products and designs using a wide variety of materials and production methods.

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